Our Arkansas spring snow goose hunts are one for the memory books! If you want a experience that you will never forget look no further. We are located in Northeast Arkansas near Jonesboro. HKO has access to over 55,000 acres of farmland that is absolutely loaded with snow geese. It’s a perfect time to slap on your extended tubes and bring a case of shells because there is NO LIMIT during Spring conservation season.

We hunt over HUGE Spreads of 45 dozen full bodies and 50 dozen socks. HKO uses Tanglefree full bodies snow/blue geese and Tanglefree socks. Hiding out in the socks while thousands of snow geese are above is an experience that you have never witnessed before. It can get so loud that you can’t even hear yourself think! With outfitters being allowed to use electronic calls it sounds like thousands of birds are in our spread, making it easier for the birds above to commit and allowing the hunters to run there guns until they are empty.

HKO guides are some the best guides in the business as we are all experienced waterfowl hunters. We put in extremely hard work scouting so every hunter is getting everything HKO has to offer. Snow geese are some of the smartest and most challenging to hunt, so with no hunt being a guaranteed hunt HKO will do our best in providing as much fun and success as the hunt allows us to.

On average HKO harvests 25-45 birds, while larger numbers have been as big as 55-150 birds. With that being said, Zero’s do happen but we are willing to give great discounts to add additional days with us to increase your chances at the larger numbers. In the past we have experienced that the earlier you book the best chances you have in getting into the bigger flocks of geese.

February is our prime time month! As the snow geese migrate North the following months get harder but we still have success in March with the juvenile being the last to migrate North it can make for some big numbers in March. We would love to have you in our spread enjoying and sharing memories. Book your hunt today with Hard Knocks Outdoors and enjoy your time with us!